Philanthropy//How Cryptocurrency Is Changing It

The rising frequency of these donations suggest this method of giving will play an enduring role in the philanthropic sector and perhaps even transform donations and giving.

The ease of transferring cryptocurrency anywhere in the world has enabled many organizations to work with donors globally.

The ever-changing landscape, and donor demographics, funding models and even the reasons for giving have changed the way cryptocurrency is being utilized.

The ease of transferring cryptocurrency, worldwide without the need to exchange fiat currency, is driving force and levels the donation field from country to country.

Cryptocurrency donations also help nonprofits that are unable to get funding due to government restrictions. In 2010, WikiLeaks, an international non-profit that publishes news leaks was blacklisted by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal blocked its funding. Now, WikiLeaks receives millions in cryptocurrency donations. There are a number of causes, countries and people around the world that previously couldn’t receive donations but now can due in part to the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency.