Unity through a Global Approach

Bringing the world together through Cryptocurrency, Philanthropy and Blockchain Technology, while creating a new economy of Giving.

We are a philanthropic group using Blockchain to establish a global interactive ecosystem connecting the needs of people around the world through technology and the power of giving and helping those less fortunate.

Why Cryptocurrency Is Ideal for Charitable Giving

Cryptocurrency has become a catalyst for innovation because the attributes that make digital assets great for remittance and e-commerce are the same properties that make them attractive to both charities and the philanthropists such as:

  • Low payment processing fees
  • Efficient, borderless transfers to charities all over the world
  • A high degree of anonymity—an important factor for many donors
  • Transparency, which helps track donations

The desire of nonprofits to attract cryptocurrency donors is driving new technical solutions and promotion strategies beyond placing “Donate Crypto” buttons on platforms.

Advocates for cryptocurrency philanthropy are expecting a boom in donors in the third and fourth quarters of 2022. We are here shed light on this trend and help traditional investors find cryptocurrency options.